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Who are we?


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Why ?

WHY we do what we do?

Art and creativity empowers, uplifts, heals, connects and transforms people!


We support creatives so they can have successful and sustainable careers and create incredible art to change the life of millions for the better.

We help creatives to magnify their greatest potential and positive impact.

Our Values

Our values are what we live, what we respect, and what we applaud; in our people, in our services, in our clients, and in our world, every day.


We strive to make a positive impact in our community, embracing sustainable business practices, and collaborating with innovative, creative, change-makers.


We bring heart into everything we do and celebrate, support and work with creatives and clients who are also heart-centred in their actions, goals and big life visions.



We pride ourselves on performing to exceptional standards of work, creativity, transformation and care for our creatives and clients.

We work with conscious artists and creatives who are connected to their inner gifts and have reverence for spirituality and connection.



We walk our talk and value wellbeing deeply in all its facets: Creative, mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and loving wellbeing.

Gem Conscious Creative is founded and led by creative, wellbeing warrior Krystal Hingston. Gem brings together Krystal's passions and skillsets across entertainment and wellbeing to bridge the gap between the two industries and provide specialised and unique support for creatives. 

Krystal worked at Sony Music for over five years in Artist Relations, Promotions and Communications (Brisbane and Melbourne) and knows first-hand the pressures and challenges creatives experience in the entertainment industry. During this time Krystal worked closely with some of the biggest Australian and International artists and their teams. 


Krystal is a trained mental health practitioner with over 10 years’ experience and is always learning and expanding her own personal and professional development to pass on the latest wellbeing tools to her clients. Krystal graduated with Distinction from QUT Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Entertainment and Creative and Professional Writing. She also studied acting at the Australian Acting Academy and Queensland Actors Playhouse.

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